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How To's
5 Steps to Creating a Memorable Childrens Party
By Amber Joy Imhoff 
Jan 24, 2007, 22:24

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Step 1~ Remember Bigger is not always better.

When I was in Kindergarten my mother decided to invite all the Kindergarteners at my school to my party. The guest list totaled over 65 children and we spent the next two days cleaning up my room after the party.
Step 2~ Set a budget.
Know how much you are willing to spend for the overall party. This will keep you less stressed out and will keep your children happy as they will know exactly what is available and what isn t available for their party. Remember to take into account the cost of the following: cake and other food, entertainment, goodie bags (if you will have them), invitations and thank you cards, party ware, film or disposable cameras, and decorations. Just because a company offersa low group rate does not mean it is a good deal. Check to see what the group rate include and figure in what else you will need to spend to get the other items you desire for your children s party.
Step 3~ Fun and Appropriate for All Guests
When making planning decisions for your party take into consideration all the different types of people you will have present at your child s party. Things to think about are eating habits, allergies, age, gender, and behavior. Some children may for various reasons not eat meat so if offering sandwiches or other food items be sure to have an alternative. The same goes for children with allergies. This will help to ensure all children can participate. If your child has a friend who is allergic to chocolate and they want a chocolate cake you may want to have cupcakes instead to ensure everyone can participate in the festivities.
Make sure that all activities are age and gender appropriate for all children involved. Your child probably has friend who are a mixture of being shy and or having lots of extra energy to avoid meltdowns
have a room or area set aside where children can get a glass of water and color when they need time to cool down from the rest of the group.
Step 4~ Allow your child to plan the party with you!
Allow your child to choose a party theme that goes along with their interests. Remember this is their special day and something they will remember the rest of their lives. Their interests will change as they grow older and so will the type of party they desire. Children can easily help pick a theme, come up with fun games, make party invitations and more.
Step 5~ Goodie Bags
The minute your child comes home from a party do you begin to plot how to hide the extra candy and toys from those cute little goodie bags as you dread them finding their way in all the little hidden crevices of your house? If you do the parents of your child s friends probably do to. One great way to solve this problem is to pick a party theme where the entertainment is an activity for the children to make something to take home. However if your child has chosen a different type of party the best way to avoid little trinkets is to pick something that goes along with the theme that will be memorable and not just made into clutter.
In example for a slumber party a pillowcase, a water bottle for a sports party, a flash light for a laser tag party act ..

Amber Joy Imhoff is a children party planner with Noah's Ark Workshop a Traveling Stuff Your Own Stuffed Animal Company.

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