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Working @ Home
Are the Online Experts Real Experts or Not?
By Cyndi Webb 
Jun 26, 2008, 14:18

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The world of the internet is inundated with self proclaimed "experts". These "experts" will sell you their ebooks, information, ideas or services and seem to have all the answers for those who aren't experts in the fields they claim to be. Unfortunately many of these "experts" really are not what they say they are. They are only attempting to come up with yet another way to make money online. The sad thing is many of them don't even realize that they really aren't qualified "experts". They have puffed themselves up to think that they know more or are more successful than they really are.

For example; just because someone has been able to create and build a few websites, does NOT make them an expert at web design. Just because someone has joined some network marketing or direct sales companies over the years, does NOT make them an expert at it. Just because someone has a degree in marketing, does not make them an expert in how to market a company or product. Talk is cheap, but putting your money where your mouth is; that is what counts - they need to prove their expertise.

So what qualifies an individual as an expert? In my opinion...success AND experience. They go hand in hand. You can't have one without the other and a person or company cannot qualify themselves as an expert without the two together.

We ALL have experience in different areas of our life and business. And many people could have several YEARS experience. But without success intertwined with those years of experience....the expertise is not there. Although I have worked on many of the scripts that our websites utilize, customizing a variety of the aspects of the script to fit out needs, I would never consider stating that I was an expert at script installation and customization. Even though I have years of experience working with kids in a variety of areas, I would not qualify myself as an expert in children's education or children's ministries. My work has been limited and very part time and is not one of the main thrusts of what I do in my life or work.

If you are looking at purchasing some sort of book or information, or looking at hiring a company for a specific business service, be sure to understand the person's background and see what sort of success they have really had. Just because they have "done it" doesn't make them an expert. The experience and successes that they have created from those experiences is what can give them honor of calling themselves an expert in their field.

Cyndi Webb is the Founder and President of Moms Network - an organization dedicated to the promotion and success of Moms in business. Since 1997 she has promoted and worked with thousands of work at home moms in coaching and guiding them in how to help grow their businesses. Over the years Moms Network has evolved to include more than 15 websites offering free resources to moms from all walks of life, the Connecting @ Home print magazine and the annual Celebrating Moms Expo which attracts thousands of moms in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Cyndi makes her home in Minnesota with her husband and two children.

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