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Problems With Solutions
Letting Go of Customers
Jan 23, 2003, 11:24

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What I have done about clients I no longer feel I can assist is to tell them that I feel I am no longer able to achieve the goal that they have in mind, but that their trust and patronage have been important to me. Then I
offer resources for them for either a new company, contact name or whatever fits their need at that moment. If time permits, I will contact the other company/person and give them information on the client so that there is
some familiarity before the move.

Kristen Jordan
Out On A Whim & Kiddie ID of Florida

Honesty is always the best policy. Tactfulness is also key here. I would talk to the client and convince them that perhaps our relationship wasn't working out or that I might not be meeting his/her needs at this time. Try not to point blame, just discuss and come up with a solution that you can both be relieved with.

Alicia Villa
Arbonne International

If you know of another reputable business owner who does similar work to you and can be of service to your client, this may work:

Tell your client that your business has grown by leaps and bounds and that you want to thank him/her for helping you do so. You have now decided to narrow your business scope in order to better serve your clients and are working with other reputable businesses to take on the clients whose work falls outside of that scope. Be sure to thank them and ask them to please send referrals for clients that fall into whatever "new scope" you have set for your business.

Tiffani Hollis
Creative Director,

Rearview Graphics

The way to handle a customer/client that you no longer want to do business with is to say: "Mr. Smith, I am pleased that you would like to do business with my company. However, at this time, I feel that my company does not have the resources to represent you effectively. If you would like, I would be happy to recommend other businesses that may be better able to fulfill your needs."
Lisa Ferguson

My Special Stories

First of all, there are two ways to go about this for me.

One: I would make my time not as available to them as in the past, in other words, make it difficult to schedule time, meetings, or work, and let them know that there are plenty of other companies available that could do this for them in a much better time frame.

Two: Make your pricing out of range for them. Send them a new pay structure that is worth your time and "effort" and which might make you want to still work for them.

Dorri Satchell
Elite Business Services

Be straightforward and honest, yet gentle. You could say something lik,. Mrs. Doe, it has been my pleasure servicing you as a customer. Right now I feel you would be better served by someone else. I have a list of great consultants who would love to help you in any way possible. If she asks why, then either tell her or make up something. You have to think how many customers can she influence.
Kim Wall #2530 independent rep for
Country Bunny Bath and Body

It is very important to develop a positive relationship with ALL of your clients (even the difficult ones) so if you have to cut them loose, there is a good chance they will respect you for your honesty.  These types of conversations are best kept short and sweet.  You can get yourself in trouble with long-winded excuses.  Tell the client you have enjoyed working with them but you don't feel your service is the best one suited for their needs.  You can recommend other options for them to be helpful or offer them other ways you might be able to support their need.  I am not a big fan of returning money and will try to avoid it by looking for other services or support to offer to my clients, but I will refund money if I truly think the client can generate good word of mouth for my service in the future. 

Julann Pontician
Vice President

Child Care Choices, Inc.

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