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Problems With Solutions
Sponsors Support in Direct Marketing
Jan 23, 2003, 11:27

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"I'm involved in a direct sales company and don't feel that I have any support from my "sponsor". I feel that I am just a number to her, helping her earn more money. How do I go about getting the support I need and what should I really expect from a sponsor?"

ANSWERS from our Readers:

"If your sponsor isn't giving you the support you need, get your upline names and start contacting them. You should find one that will respond to you. When you do, tell them your problem, and ask for some help. Any upline member worth their salt will take the time to help you out if they are able. After all, their success depends partly on you, doesn't it?

As for what to expect from a sponsor, you should have someone who will train you in the beginning, give you guidance, and constructive criticism. They aren't there to hold your hand, but if you really try, you will earn their unconditional support.

My sponsor taught me what was productive, the best way to
work with people, who to spend my time with, how to train my downline, as well as a thousand little things about the company that I needed to know, and did it all in an orderly manner, at my pace, without pressure, until it all came together. And that's what a sponsor should provide for you, also."
Vicki Haddon, Independent Business Owner - Unicity Network

"I have seen many instances where a consultant and her sponsor don't click. Differences in personality, work habits or future goals can all have an impact on the relationship. I would start by letting your sponsor know what would help you grow your business. As long as your requests are reasonable, and she sees that you are actively working your business, it is her job to help you.

If she doesn't start helping you then I would look elsewhere for help. Perhaps you can contact her sponsor or hook up with other local consultants. I think the most important thing to do is attend as many meetings and conferences as you can because that is where you learn but, also, that is where you make connections and find people similar to you. They can be valuable assets in achieving your goals, even if they aren't your sponsors.
Do not let your frustration about your sponsor ruin your business! As far as what you can expect from a sponsor I think you can expect someone to help you achieve YOUR dreams. She should motivate, inspire and teach you. "
Cari Blake, Team Manager, Tastefully Simple,
a href="

"This is something that is not currently happening to me, but had in the past. What I did and what I feel you should do is go up another level and speak to your upline or contact others that you know that are in the business and work with them to share ideas. What I ended up doing, unfortunately, was quitting my business, waited, and then rejoined 6 months later. I wish I wouldn't have done that because I had many girls under me but without the proper training so you can't reach those goals that you want. You need to have that excitement of the business. It is extremely important. Make sure you read your training guides, attend meetings, and talk to others. Don't quit! You can do anything you set your mind too. So search for the training you need and give it your all. It's out there! Good luck!"
Debbie Emery - Peddler #6923 - Country Peddlers and Co. of America

You should expect support from your sponsor. She should answer your questions and help you get started. If at all possible your sponsor should at least come to your first show, if not actually present it for you. However, with internet sponsoring this is not always possible. If you were sponsored via the net, you should expect a lot of phone and internet coaching. Sometimes your sponsor may be able to make arrangements for you to attend a home show presented by another distributor who lives closer to you. Be honest with your expectations. Let your sponsor know upfront what your needs are. Do not be afraid to call her for help even if your needs change.

Another tip is to contact them in at least two different ways when you need help. Leave a message on their phone and also send an email. You never know when a message may be deleted by mistake or just when they will pick up that e-mail. Many may think their sponsor doesn't care, when they never received the message. I have told my team members that if they don't receive an answer from me in 24 hours to please contact me again. When my team members apologize for what they call "bugging me", I always tell them that I love to be "bugged"! It is the ones who don't "bug" me that I worry about. Truly, the ones who ask lots of questions usually end up being the biggest producers for your team. A good sponsor realizes
that helping others is the key to network marketing! If you still find you are not getting the support you need, simply seek out someone else in your company for support. I have actually "adopted" team members. It is not "official", but I still help them out. You will find someone in every direct sales company who regularly e-mails their team with training, updates, and tips. Simply ask that person to add you to their list. I assure you, you will not be turned down. You can also start sponsoring yourself and learn from each other! Above all, don't allow your sponsor or anyone else to steal your dream. Hold tight to your dream and your positive attitude. Mentors are invaluable, however, it is your passion and dream that will carry you to success....not your sponsor."
Tammy Hauser - Sr. Producer II - Independent Nestfamily Distributor

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