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Family & Kid Crafts
Mother's Day Gift Ideas
By Rhonda Graf 
Apr 30, 2006, 15:52

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It's getting to be that time of year again, honoring moms! As the year's go by we tend to run out of ideas or we go with usual stand-bys for Mother's Day. This year give the gift that truly honors your mother or if you would like to be honored send your spouse your kids to my website and I would be happy to give them ideas.

Mother's Day Surprise ~ Use the Love Tags and write notes on them, have the whole family get involved! If you live close to your Mother, sneak over to her house while she is away, and hide the notes in places she will find them (under the remote, in make-up drawer, etc.) You could also purchase a small plant and hang the Love Tags on it.

Breakfast in Bed Keepsake Tray: Make a special tablecloth, placemat, or serving tray for Mother's Day brunch. Use paint to decorate a basic white tablecloth with precious handprints, and a marker to add special notes from each child. Add more handprints each year to create a keepsake Mom will treasure forever. You can also purchase a simple serving tray and decorate it with a collage of photos and personal notes from the family, or those priceless handmade Mother's Day cards that come home from school every year. Cut them on the fold so that you can show both the lovely artwork on the cover and the poem or message on the inside. Let the little ones get creative by embellishing the tray with glitter and rhinestones. A little sparkle will surely start Mom's Day off on a happy note. You can purchase products at any art or craft store to cover your work of art with a finish that will protect it for all the Mother's Days to come.

Through the Generations ~ Select photos of the women in your family; your Grandmother, your Mother, your sisters, aunts, and daughter(s). It s best to use head shots that are similar in size. You can easily crop, resize or print out your photos (in sepia tone for a real antique look) at your local Kinkos. Using legal size card stock, fold one or two of them (depending on how many photos you have) into three parts to make a foldout card. On each page, place the pictures of all the women in your family, in order by generation. Slip a pretty ribbon through holes punched on the front and the back and tie it closed. This makes a wonderful Mother s Day gift for Mom, Grandma, your sister or a favorite aunt, and should be left out on a table or dresser to be enjoyed all year long.

Picture with Mom's angels ~ Take a picture each year with each of your children individually. Then place their picture in his or her own Mother s Day book and write a note to the child about what makes him or her so special. This will become a cherished gift from Mom!

Family Handprint Book ~ Have each grandchild put a handprint on their own page with their name, date, and of course, their favorite things. Then, give the book to the matriarch of the family. If you have extra pages include the children and spouses too! Don't forget to take pictures of the messy hands!

Rose Petal Surprise ~ One easy way to make Mother s Day special is to scatter rose petals on the table where you serve her Mother s Day brunch. You can use real rose petals from your own garden or purchase beautiful fabric petals from a craft store. If cooking isn t your strong suit, then use the petals to leave trails of love that lead her to a special surprise (a bubble bath) or a gift. You could also place handfuls of petals in certain places that you know she will find throughout the day (inside her favorite coffee mug, for example) with a loving note. No matter how you choose to use these rose petals, this sweet touch will make Mom feel special and show her how much you really care.

Mother's Day Cake ~ A few days before Mother s Day ask everyone in your family to choose a trait they most appreciate in mom. Then go to your local bead store & find charms that represent that trait (if she always wears a smile choose a sun, if she s the most generous person you know choose a heart). Now it's time to prepare the cake. It makes no difference if the cake is made from a box or an old family recipe (it s what s hidden inside that counts). Once the cake has been baked, cut small slits and insert the charms. It is easier if you attach each charm to a ribbon so they don t get lost in the cake. Finally frost the cake to cover the slits & voila, it s ready to serve. After everyone takes a slice they must announce to the family what charm they received and reveal what that charm symbolizes. After eating this What Mom Means To Me Cake everyone will surely know why Mom is so loved.

Seven Days of Mom: Show mom how much you love her by celebrating Mother's Day all week long. Each day, give a small gift, leave a loving note, or plan a special activity that Mom will love. You might want to assign a day to each child, rotate the seven days around family members, or plan each day's surprise together as a group. A theme can make the week even more memorable. It could be Appreciating Mom Week, where every day includes a little note from a family member that thanks her for something she did for him/her during the past year. Another great theme that every Mom will love is Pamper Mom Week. Treat her to something relaxing and soothing at the end of every day: A neck and shoulder massage, a facial, a bubble bath with candles all around the tub, one hour with her favorite tea and her favorite book (and the promise of no interruptions), etc. You get the idea. On the last day of the week, (Mother's Day), prepare and serve a special meal. Mom will feel so honored and loved after her seven days of attention. Preserve these precious moments year after year in a special Mother's Day book.

My name is Rhonda Graf and I am married and have two children. Hunter is my 10-year-old son and Ailish is my 3-year-old daughter. I am also a consultant for Once Upon A Family. We are a company whose mission is to connect families through simple, joyful and meaningful ways. Our products, services, and tradition ideas do just that. Remember it isn't big, elaborate gifts and gestures that we hold close to our heart, it is the simple gestures of love that we never forget. If you would like to receive my free e-newsletter, just check it out and sign-up: or if you would like to purchase some of the products mentioned in the Mother's Day Gift ideas, please check out my website:

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