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Five Simple Steps to Craft Organization
By Tracie Rollins
Sep 20, 2007, 09:27

After spending about 30 minutes looking for stickers for my latest scrapbook page, I decided it was time to reorganize. I had plenty of drawers to put stuff in, but they were filled to the rim with just that stuff. Nothing was where it should be, and I was getting really frustrated with my lack of crafting (I was spending more time searching than I was crafting). Here's what I did to get everything in order.

Five Simple Steps to Craft Organization - by Tracie Rollins

1. Identify The type of organization product you use is as important as what you put in it. Do you need drawers, shelves, bins, or all of the above? For small items, drawers work great, but for bigger items, consider large bins or shelves.

2. Sort - Begin sorting your crafting items into relevant piles/categories and sub piles/subcategories. You should have one pile for every drawer or bin available. For example my categories were scrapbooking, quilting, card making, stamping, and sewing. Because I had more drawers available, I took my scrapbooking pile and created little subcategories labeled paper, embellishments, and stickers. I even took the sticker subcategory and broke it smaller subcategories labeled baby/kids, wedding/adult, etc. You get the idea.

3. Label - After my piles were identified, I used a label maker to print out labels for each drawer. You can also use stickers, write on labels, masking tape, or permanent markers to label yours. If you are really creative, you can stick samples of the categories to the outside of the bin. Labeling your bins is key to organization. If you don't label, you'll end up opening up way to many drawers looking for what you want.

4. Fill - Place each pile in its relevant drawer. If you have deep drawers, you can use a cereal box, folder, or similar item to split the drawer into two spaces so that you can put another category of crafts in with the current pile.

5. Maintain - Keep them organized. Nothing goes in these drawers that isn't relevant. If you get a new craft category, then either get rid of one that you already have, or get another bin.

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