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Frugal Living
Save Time and Find The Best Deals By Shopping Online
By Olivia Lambeth 
Jan 17, 2006, 00:09

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What if instead of going out to buy gifts for your loved once, the gifts came to your house directly? Think of all the time you could save if only you didn t have to go to four different malls to find that perfect gift you want for your child.

In the fast paced everyday life, holidays give us the chance and the occasion to spend some quality time with our family, but most of it is spend trying to find a parking spot outside a mall, searching for the gifts, and then waiting in never ending long lines to purchase them.

Wouldn t it be a relief, if we could get everything we want with the wave of a hand? Well, now it s possible to avoid the holiday shopping rush and order anything you want from the quite and privacy of your own home. All you have to do is get logged on to a computer, open any of the abundant shopping sites on the net and order anything you like. It takes a little more than a wave of the hand, but it still beats the holiday shopping rush!

Internet is a wonder tool that has made our lives easier. It s fast, saves time, and is convenient. Shopping online gives us more options to choose from, compare prices, and even bid for the things we want. There are innumerable online shopping sites that you can choose from. The variety of things and services that these sites have to offer will surprise you. Every thing ranging from a small stamp or a pencil to a car or even a home can be purchased online.

Not only does online shopping allow you to shop from your home, the prices that it offers are often considerably lower than what you might get from the malls. This is because of the huge price war between the shopping sites and also because they don t have to undertake huge costs for maintenance of a physical shop or staff.

Apart from being a great alternative to going for shopping and providing competitive prices, shopping online has another advantage that you can make use of. It provides you the choice of a cooling off period. It means that you can return the item or cancel the order you had placed within a seven-day period, if you have a change of heart.

This option comes in handy when rational thinking replaces your buying binge. We all have a tendency to overspend during the holidays, the cooling off period gives us a chance to think over our purchases afterwards and get a refund.

Things to remember while shopping online

While shopping online can be wonderful experience, there are a few things that you should check before you place your orders. All the transactions while shopping online are done through your credit card, whose number you have to provide to the shopping site. To ensure that it is not misused, make sure that you are on a secure site. You can determine that the site is secures by the lock or a key symbol, which appears at the bottom corner of your screen.

Also, save all the details of your dealings with the site. You can print the details from the web page or simply save it in your computer. Similarly, order numbers and billing addresses should also be kept.

So, take these simple precautionary steps, and go on a shopping spree on the net and shop till you drop!!

Top Online Shopping Sites to Check Out
These are some of the most famous shopping sites on the net:

This article is brought to you by online shopping site

Olivia Lambeth is a creative and multi-talented fashion designer and has worked with reputed Fashion Houses for the past 12 years. She now works as an editor for online .com shopping website. For more information about various online stores and their ratings visit :

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