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Psychology for Moms
Your Paradigm and Your $$$ Results!
By Lisa Kitter 
Jan 4, 2005, 20:06

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For many of you the word "paradigm" may be unfamiliar so let's begin today by first giving the word "paradigm" a definition. Your paradigm is how you perceive the world. In other words, your paradigm is your filter through which you see your reality. Isn't it funny to know that each of us creates our own definition of reality? We do so by our paradigms

Here is a great paragraph on the topic written by Bernard M Baruch and American economist titled:

Challenge Your Paradigms
Approach each new problem not with a view of finding what you hope will be there, but to get the truth, the realities that must be grappled with. You may not like what you find. In that case you are entitled to try to change it. But do not deceive yourself as to what you do find to be the facts of the situation.

It is natural that unseen possibilities create fear, but being willing to step into the unknown, becomes in itself, and opportunity for change to be created. Conscious choice can only take place for those who are willing to challenge their paradigms, what they believe to be true.

Do you realize that this is why so many people who are new to networking and new to the concept of entrepreneurial endeavors become terrified and so frozen by fear that they are unable to take action? It is literally the fear of the unknown that paralyzes many would be net workers and keeps them in their same uncomfortable but all too familiar comfort zones.

By becoming consciously aware of your own self-created obstacles you are in a better position to change your paradigm. It's difficult to change something if you're not aware of it in the first place.

Remember, your paradigms are just illusions and are a part of your way of thinking. They can be very difficult to change, difficult but certainly not impossible.

Fear of failure is a paradigm gang. A paradigm so deeply imbedded in the average person from the earliest of childhood that it is as familiar to us as our own skin. Is it any wonder that so many people are afraid to step "out of the box" and venture into their own business?

It's important for you to realize that the majority of your prospects haven't addressed their paradigms and many will never recognize or address them their entire lives! How many of you have ever heard someone say that they have experienced a shift in their paradigm? Paradigm shifting is a matter of choosing to create a new reality out of what we believe to be true.

The choices we make in all aspects of our life are in accordance with our paradigms. A paradigm shift is crucial to anyone who is serious about changing his or her current financial situation. I am not limiting your shift in paradigm to merely your thoughts about money either. You must shift your paradigm on many different topics in order to change your financial outcome. For instance, your paradigm may shift about your feelings on money but if your paradigm never changes about your fear of failure then you will more than likely never see an increase in your income.

Another example would be a paradigm shift in your perception of productivity versus activity. Many people are programmed with what I call “job mentality.” They think they’re being productive by organizing their desk and lead list etc but in truth they’re being non-productive when it comes to generating cash flow. Organizing your desk is activity but when you’re an entrepreneur you can organize your desk until the cows come home but nobody is going to pay you for being neat!

How do you have a shift in your paradigm? You begin by questioning all of your current beliefs about everything in your life. Be willing to ask yourself, why? Why do I think the way I think? Why do I believe this to be true or not true? Ask yourself these types of questions; have I ever considered the fact that a Ford may be more suitable of a car for me than the Chevy my father always drove? Is it okay to eat dessert before dinner rather than after dinner? Must I always worry about what others think of me rather than doing what feels best to me? Is it really impolite to call people on the phone in the evenings to share with them a life changing income and product opportunity? Where did that thought come from? Is it my own or did I inherit it from a relative or friend?

Your real feelings are the paradigm you should go with. Your body knows what is best for you at all times. The physical sensation you experience will be a good indicator of whether you are doing something that feels like it is in integrity with your thinking (or paradigm) or whether it takes you out of integrity.

Network Marketing is about being willing to change and grow. It’s about creating your own success by being willing to change your thoughts and beliefs.

Sometimes the most difficult thing to do in any given situation is to stop and ask yourself why you are behaving or reacting the way you are. Could it be an old paradigm or belief and if so are you willing to change in order to recognize the other persons viewpoint?

In my experience, becoming successful in our industry is all about you. It’s almost as though you’re shedding an old worn out skin and putting on a new and shiny skin. Sometimes it may take a little while to really feel at home in your new skin and you may have to try on several different skins to find the right one for you. By doing so you will truly be on the path to fulfilling your true purpose in life and achieving all of your financial goals and desires in the process!

Lisa Kitter, President of Empower You Now Publishing

© Copyright 2003 - 2011 by

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