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Working Your Business
Reciprocal link programs. Are they good?
By Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi 
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Sep 20, 2007, 09:56

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Reciprocal link exchange programs are one of the most fantastic and effective forms of web site promotion, because one good reciprocal link exchange program can give you the same amount of traffic as a major search engine and you can have hundreds of reciprocal link exchanges.

The basic concept is simple - you link a related site to yours, and then ask it's webmaster a reciprocal link exchange to your site in his. If he agrees, then you'll both get an increase in traffic.

But of course you can't just start asking reciprocal link exchange to random sites.


* FIND SIMILAR SITES TO RECIPROCAL LINK EXCHANGE WITH: The sites you choose for reciprocal link exchange, must have a content related to the one in your site. A content that's targeted to the same kind of visitors that your site does. i.e. if you have a web designing tools site, it will be ok to exchange links with a site that offer graphics or music to enhance web designing.

* FIND NOT TOO SIMILAR SITES FOR YOUR RECIPROCAL LINK EXCHANGES Although it only makes sense to exchange reciprocal links with similar sites, the sites you choose need to be different enough so that they don't compete with yours

* ACCEPT ONLY INTERESTING SITES FOR YOUR RECIPROCAL LINK EXCHANGES If you find sites filled with ads and typos, that doesn't feel and look professional, you'd better discard them. There's a good rule you can follow when you're looking for a reciprocal link exchange's prospect: "If it doesn't interest or like you, it's not going to interest or like your customers" Remember that your site must reflect you in all its contents, even in its reciprocal link exchanges.

* TARGET TO INCREASE YOUR TRAFFIC Some webmasters think that they must search for sites with similar amount of traffic to ask for a reciprocal link exchange that will really be interesting.

Of course that if you have to choose between someone that has 100.000 visitors a month and another one that has 5.000 visitors a month, it is better to choose the first one. But you will receive the same amount of traffic from one site with 10.000 visitors than from 20 sites with 500 (that are much easier to find)

And if your site is really good, your reciprocal link exchange proposal will be accepted even if you get less traffic than the site you're trying to exchange with.


* Search for similar and interesting sites
* Create the link in your site
* Write to the webmaster of your complimentary site telling him that you have already established a link to his site in yours, because you liked his site, and think that your customers and his customers will benefit, with the mutual reciprocal link exchange.
* Give the web address of the page where you have included the link
* Offer him an outstanding placement of his link if he ads a link to your web site
* Create a special web page where you can offer the HTML texts that they can use to create the link to your web site. Offer text link text, and banner link text.
* Some people say that If you don't get the reciprocal link exchange (and it will happen in 9 over 10 offers) you should erase and forget that link. I think that if the link is a real benefit to your customers, you must keep it, to enhance your web site's content.
* Don't remove the link from your site once you get your reciprocal link exchange. That's not only dishonest, but once again you're losing beneficial information for your customers.
* Check the site of your partner every now and then to see if he's honoring his commitment. If you don't find the reciprocal link to your site, ask for it and if you don't receive an answer, take it off from the outstanding position you gave it.


A god automation program will do all of the above for you plus...

* Create a reciprocal links directory for everyone of the themes related with your site
* Create qualified traffic to your web site in numbers you have always thought to be impossible
* Look for sites related with yours much faster than you can do it
* Create theme pages keyword-tuned to score high in search engine rankings
* Allow you to e-mail an individually-personalized reciprocal link exchange´s requests to each web site´s webmaster

Resuming, everything is easy to edit, organize and maintain, with an automate reciprocal link exchange program like the one I use to build my easy home business site, named Zeus.

Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

Dr. Roberto Bonomi is a successful e-book writer that shares his home business experience at:

© Copyright 2003 - 2011 by

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